'Once Upon a Time' casts 'Frozen' characters for next season

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Just months after the season four finale of Once Upon a Time, with one of the largest plot twists and shocks the show has ever seen, casting is finally being revealed for the new faces who will be joining Storybrooke next season.

In the last two minutes of season three, audiences were captivated and surprised to see Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen emerge and walk off into the distance. It was only days later that the television confirmed that yes, Elsa would indeed be joining the cast and now we have learned who will be played Elsa’s sister Anna and Anna’s partner, Kristoff.

TV Line broke the news that playing Anna will be Elizabeth Lail, making her first large television debut next season alongside ABC Family’s Greek post-grad Scott Michael Foster playing Kristoff. Now that you have seen it, you cannot imagine anyone else for the role.

Entertainment Weekly notes that Elsa has yet to be cast or if she has, her announcement has yet to be made. The show has said that the characters will be picking up from where the film left off with Anna and Kristoff already romantically together and adjusting to their lives, especially Kristoff who will be living indoors for the first time.

One last question remains, will we seen the evil Hans next season as well? He is the only large character yet to be mentioned about whether or not he will be brought over to the popular television series.

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