Palace guards perform 'Game of Thrones' theme song (Video)

By Michelle Kapusta,

The Queen’s guards at Buckingham Palace in London gave a crowd-pleasing rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song over the weekend.

The Daily Mail noted that a crowd that gathered to watch the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony at the palace was treated to a musical performance of the Emmy-nominated show’s tune.

When the song first begins, the onlookers do not seem aware of what is being played during an unidentifiable drum roll. Once tubas and horns break into tune though, chuckles of delight can be heard from the crowd.

After the song ends the guards fall back into order and receive an applause from the spectators.

Last week, during her visit to Northern Ireland, Queen Elizabeth did not sit in the The Iron Throne of Westeros. However, allowing her personal police force to perform the song shows that she just may be a fan of the HBO series.

Rolling Stone pointed out that the original theme song is by composer Ramin Djawadi, who has also composed music for Iron Man, Clash of the Titans, and Pacific Rim.

The guards’ version was filmed by a spectator and posted online. The video has already received well over 1 million views.

image of Peter Dinklage courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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