Paul Greengrass to direct adaptation of CIA memoir 'Agent Storm'

By Will Ashton,

Paul Greengrass has proven with his filmography that he likes to make movies about real life events (Captain Phillips) and government-laced thrillers (the Bourne sequels, Green Zone). So, naturally, it makes sense that he would want to combine the two entities in his next movie, an adaptation of the memoir Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda, written by Morgan Storm with Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister.

The Hollywood Reporter covered the upcoming movie's developments. The movie will see Greengrass re-teaming with his Captain Phillips producer Scott Rudin. In addition to directing, Greengrass is also looking to write the movie's screenplay.

The book, which will not be hitting stores until Sept. 2, will tell the story of Storm's journey, when he started as a troubled youth who, after spending time in a London prison, converted to Islam and moved to the Yemen to study the Quran in 2001. After working and studying with extremist, Storm eventually realized just how dangerous these groups really were. With that, Storm was recruited by the CIA as a double agent.

Based on the book's description, this upcoming project sounds like it is exactly up Greengrass' wheelhouse, especially considering how Captain Phillips was something of a return-to-form for the filmmaker. In addition to this, Greengrass is supposed to be making a biopic of Martin Luther King Jr. titled Memphis. But the controversial nature in which King is portrayed in the movie has caused the family's estate to be dubious of making the movie. As such, the movie seems to be on hold.

More information on the book can be found on Amazon.

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