Police reveal drug addiction was motive for Utah mother who killed six newborns

By Elizabeth Learned,

The motive for a Utah mother’s disturbing case of hiding her seven dead newborns in her garage has come to light. Police revealed Megan Huntsman killed her babies due to drug addiction and not wanting to deal with parenting.

According to the Associated Press, the Pleasant Grove police captain, Mike Roberts, made a statement about how Huntsman wasn’t concerned about the health problems that could occur due to using drugs while pregnant and that she just did not want to have to take responsibility and care for the infants.

Roberts said, “It was completely selfish. She was high on drugs and didn’t want the babies, or the responsibility. That was her priority at the time.”

The seventh child found is believed to have been a stillbirth and not murdered like the previous six infants.

USA Today reported that between 1996 and 2006, she is believed to have either caused the infants deaths due to strangulation or suffocation. DNA tests done on the infants indicated she had given birth to five girls and two boys.

The father of the children, Huntsman’s estranged husband Darren West, had been released in January from a federal prison because he had been in possession of chemicals used to make meth.

He was cleaning out the garage at their home when he found a white box that was sealed shut with electrical tape. Inside the box was one of the babies. He is not considered a suspect.

Huntsman is charged with six counts of first-degree murder. No plea has been entered.



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