Powerful storms kill five in Northeast, leave thousands without power

By Michelle Kapusta,

Powerful storms swept through the Northeast on Tuesday night killing five people and leaving thousands in the dark.

According to Reuters, officials said one of the hardest hit spots was in New York state near Syracuse, where the storms claimed the lives of four people. Four homes were also destroyed in the area Madison County Undersheriff John Ball said in a statement.

The other death occurred in Maryland, where the victim was a child. Eight other children at a summer camp in the state were injured.

In addition to torrential downpours, the storm also brought high winds. A tornado may also have touched down, but those reports have not yet been confirmed.

CNN noted that as of Wednesday morning some 207,000 residents were without electricity in Pennsylvania and around 87,000 were still out in New York state.

The storms were developed by a system not uncommon this time of year, but both New York and Maryland are forecast to have much calmer weather Wednesday.

image via Twitter from The Weather Channel



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