Protests for democracy resounded in Hong Kong

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

On Tuesday, China faced a large challenge to its authority. Tens of thousands marched in a demonstration for democracy.

"The Hong Kong government is now controlled by the Chinese government," said building surveyor Daniel Cheng, according to Reuters. "My mom said not to be arrested, to be careful. I will try, but I think I should do what I can for Hong Kong, my colleagues, my classmates, my friends."

July 1, the day Hong Kong's administration passed from England to China in 1997, has been an annual day of protest for democracy. This year, officials said that 98,600 people joined the protest. It was peaceful, with crowds holding banners and posters. In solidarity, two student groups planned sit-ins. Police numbering 200 stood outside of the offices in the central square, while some rally-goers declared that they want the city’s leader, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, to step down.

Some of them chanted, “Our own government, our own choice," according to the Associated Press.

Almost 800,000 people voted for democracy in an unofficial referendum last month. Chinese Communist leaders have said that they will allow Hong Kong residents to vote for the city’s leader by the year, 2017.



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