Rapper Lord Jamar claims that Iggy Azalea is popular because she is 'over-sexualized and white' (video)

By Rachel Karach,

Veteran rapper Lord Jamar has a lot to say about Iggy Azalea and her rise to fame, though his remarks are far from positive.

In a new interview with VLAD TV, Lord Jamar explained what he finds perplexing about Iggy Azalea’s popularity. In reference to both character and race he said, “they’d much rather an Iggy Azalea than a Nicki Minaj.”

When asked why he feels this way, Lord Jamar said, “She’s everything they [listeners] want…Pretty, fat a**, over-sexualized, and she’s white. Most of all, she’s white,” he laughed. To him, figures in the music industry do not necessarily gain popularity through their music alone but also through their image and racial background.

Note: Interview contains profanity

Lord Jamar continued to critique Iggy’s public image, bringing up her Australian origins and how she raps as if she were part of a different culture in order to gain a broader audience. “She’s from Australia, but the way she rhyme—it’s almost like a caricature—it’s almost like you’re making fun. Because you [Azalea] don’t talk like that.”

While speaking about listeners and what audiences would like to see as part of the music industry, he voiced a particularly biting remark. “That’s where they want to see hip hop go,” he said. “They enjoy the music but they want to see white faces doing it.”

Lord Jamar went on to call Azalea “their wet dream,” because of her race and ability to rap “like she’s black.”

Iggy Azalea has also recently been combatting rumors of a feud between herself and Nicki Minaj.

Image courtesy of Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com



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