'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Kandi's Wedding Finale

By TracyJane,
Finally the Tuckers

In a continuation of last week, Kandi makes her way to the rehearsal dinner without fiancé Todd. Kandi blows off questions about Todd’s whereabouts from friends and family. At one point Todd calls Kandi and they get into an argument again about the pre-nup disputes. Todd maintains the problem is that he’s getting kicked out within 30 days if they break up.

Kandi only sees that Todd having issues means he wants her money. Mama Joyce wanders by while they are on the phone and Kandi quickly ends the call. Mama uses concern as a reason to pry into what the call was about. However it’s clear that she just wants to push her agenda on Kandi by claiming that Todd is looking for a big payday with this marriage.

Meanwhile, Todd is hanging at his hotel with his friends. They are telling him that this argument may be a symbol of the way his marriage is going to be. They suggest he really think about wanting a life with Mama Joyce in it. Other friends are telling him to stand up to Mama Joyce and not let her control his house. At the end of the conversation is a basic question. Can you live without her? Todd answers no and they all agree that that says it all. He needs to clear this up and get married.

Back at the rehearsal dinner, Mama Joyce leaves her conversation with Kandi and heads over to speak with Kandi’s father, Pastor Burress. She tells the pastor that he better not marry the couple without that pre-nup being signed. However, he doesn’t engage in that conversation and acts dumb to any mention of calling off the wedding.

In the end, Todd stops over to Kandi’s house at 2 a.m. and tells her that she just needs to fix the two small issues and he’ll sign the agreement. Kandi agrees to those changes and finally the pre-nup is put to bed.

Soon it’s morning and we are at a countdown of seven hours until the wedding. Todd gets a call from Don Juan asking when the lawyer can come over and he says anytime, signaling again that he’s ready to move forward.
Todd’s mom stops by with his daughter Kaela and they discuss the pre-nup. Mom gives him advice and encouragement that it’ll all work out.

In a contradictory move, Mama Joyce pops up to Kandi’s hotel room in to “check” on things. She gives Kandi’s daughter a big hug and completely ignores Todd’s daughter who is right next to them. Later on, she tells Kandi that she may have worked things out with Todd but she always has to remember that she has only one #1 daughter. Kandi politely and quietly tells her mother that they aren’t having that discussion now. She knows her mother is trying to say that Todd’s daughter isn’t her responsibility, but Kandi knows Todd’s daughter can hear them and she’s not discussing it. Later on, Todd’s mom hears about Mama Joyce not accepting Todd’s daughter. Kandi can tell that Kaela is upset by something, but Todd’s mom decides not to burden Kandi about the issue on her wedding day.

Mama Joyce may have stopped getting down on Todd but her critiques haven’t quit. She moves on to criticizing Kandi’s “Coming to America” theme. At this point I don’t understand why Kandi doesn’t just tell her mother to shut up or leave.

Next up, Reco delivers Kandi’s dress and its perfect. However he wraps it in a sheet and tosses it across his back like Santa Claus on his way out and gives everyone in Kandi’s hotel room a good laugh.

Kandi’s lawyer Stephanie arrives at Todd’s hotel room and they have a whole set up with witnesses, videographer and a notary. Stephanie runs through a list of questions about Todd’s readiness to sign before he signs and he answers everything correctly. Finally the document is done, signed and everyone is ready to move onto the wedding.

With two hours until ceremony time, guests start to arrive and they are greeted by a huge lion at the entrance. They are stunned and lots of pictures are taken.

Todd meets up with his friends and toasts to the wedding with tequila shots.
Back in Kandi’s room, Kandi and Mama Joyce get in an argument about what Mama Joyce may or may not have said in front of Kaela. Ultimately it’s Riley, Kandi’s daughter that puts an end to the argument when she screams for them to stop and runs off. Mama Joyce follows after Riley and even though the little girl is upset and needs comforting, Mama Joyce still argues that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Finally it’s “go” time for the wedding. Kandi and Riley leave their hotel at the exact time that the wedding is scheduled to begin. When they arrive at the venue, it’s already 7:30pm; 30 minutes past time “go” time.
Kandi makes her way into the back of the venue and sees that the bridesmaid dresses are still being altered and sewn. Soon they are 60 minutes late for ceremony and then bam it’s 90 minutes late.

Finally the ceremony begins and the precession is everything Kandi wanted, with dancers and women with feathers. It was a real production.
When Todd finally gets a look at Kandi, he begins to tear up and we actually get to see the love on his face.

When Pastor Burress asks if there are any objections, everyone pauses and stares at Mama Joyce. Thankfully, she keeps her mouth shut.

The ceremony is very quiet and touching. There is a feeling of sincerity and love. At one point they bring their daughters on stage and exchange rings with them to symbolize their commitment to a new family. Once Pastor Burress declares them husband and wife, they look at each other and giggle. It is special and feels very real.

After the ceremony, all of the guests mull around, having cocktails and mingling while the reception space is transformed. Todd and Kandi are hugging and kissing. Everyone is in a joyous mood, except Mama Joyce. When Kandi tries to show her mom her new wedding ring. Mama shrugs and turns her back on the couple. She still hasn’t accepted the marriage.

Later on, during the toasts, Derek J drags Mama Joyce to the floor to give a toast. In a surprising move, she keeps it short and very sweet as she wishes the couple a continued happy life.

The highlight of the night is the party after dinner. Kandi had the hottest dj in town spinning records and she also had Bell Biv Devoe performing. At one point Todd says that they could have sold tickets because it was such a hot concert.

In the last scene, Todd and Kandi are strolling out of the venue holding hands and joking about her new last name. Seems to me that they will live happily ever after for now.



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