Robin Thicke answers fan's questions with #AskThicke on Twitter

By Madeline Smith,

Singer Robin Thicke logged on to VH1’s twitter feed to answer fans’ questions to #AskThicke.

Earlier on TheCelebrityCafé.com, we reported that Thicke getting bashed via the #AskThicke hashtag. Thicke was getting tweets bashing his looks, music, voice, and marriage. It appears the star did his best to avoid the haters and answer select tweets about everything from his marriage to his music. Below are some of his interactions with fans.

One interesting answer was the one below about whether or not Thicke is still in contact with estranged with, actress Paula Patton. Thicke told New York’s Hot 97 radio station that he has not seen Patton in four months, according to CBS News. Thicke and Patton have a four-year-old son, Julian Fuego Thicke.

One “hard hitting” question included a photo of vintage Thicke, who had long hair as his trademark in the late 90s and early 2000s. Some people may not realize that Thicke has been in the spotlight since childhood, thanks to his famous dad, actor Alan Thicke. His mother, Gloria Loring, is also fairly well known due to her popularity in the '70s as a singer and actress.

Thicke even almost addressed the controversy over his song “Blurred Lines” that The Huffington Post has mentioned before.

Thicke seemed to be immune to all the negative tweets. At the end of answering not so many questions, Thicke thanked fans for their interest and threw in a plug for his album Paula, which is on iTunes now.

image courtesy of RCF/INFphoto.com



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