Robin Thicke's new album 'Paula' is a flop

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Oh Robin Thicke, you sure are a mess. His newest album titled Paula which is filled with music written to help woo his ex-wife Paula Patton back, is one big flop.

Billboard is reporting that his follow-up to Blurred Lines sold just a measly 530 copies in its first week of its release. In comparison, Blurred Lines sold 25,000 copies in the same amount of time. Then in the US the new album has sold 25,000 compared to the prior CD's 177,000.

So why is Thicke’s latest attempt to win back his love failing so miserably? Could it be the constant shout outs at concerts? The dedications at award ceremonies? Or was it the #AskThicke Question and Answer session on Twitter? Because they have all been disastrous.

Yet if you think that this is bad, Thicke’s album sold fewer than 54 copies in Australia according to the Telegraph. His new release did not even crack the top 500 as a Blondie compilation came in at the last number with 54 copies sold.

No one seems to be listening to you Robin Thicke and even if they were, they are ready to move on from Paula Patton. For the sake of your career, perhaps you should too.

Image Credit via INFphoto.com



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