'Rookie Blue' recap: 'Two Truths and a Lie'

By Amanda Ostuni,
Several couples fight and make up, Sam deals with daddy issues

The episode picks up where last week's left off, with the discovery of the murdered Brian Goudy. Sam fills in 15 Division on the situation: Brian went missing after taking an unknown person for a test drive in his black car. The day before Brian was killed, Doctor Milo Howard reported a suspicious man who test drove his car, the same kind as Brian's. Texts confirm it's the same buyer. The running theory is that Brian's murderer is a serial predator who uses website to find victims. Howard has described the suspect as a tall male Caucasian in his mid-30s with dark hair, weighing about 195 pounds. The suspect was driving a silver sedan, for which the officers have recovered partial plates.

Gail and Nick are assigned to tracking down the sedan and Chloe and Dov are assigned to finding out more about Brian. Traci arrives at the door of the parade meeting with Brian's twin brother Jim in tow. After he sees the pictures of his brother's body on the wall, Sam and Andy console him elsewhere in the station. Jim says he and his brother were very close but he didn't know about Brian's plans to move to Costa Rica. He says Brian was so kind, he has no idea who would have wanted to hurt him.

Shoot to Traci trying to get a hold of Dex, who didn't show up to their custody mediation meeting, a good thing for Traci, though she feels guilty thinking that. But Steve reminds her that even though it's a battle she doesn't want to fight, she needs to win it. The pep talk ends when Chris approaches Traci with news that no other precincts have reported any crimes linked to online auto sites, so it's not likely that their suspect is a serial predator. This frustrates Traci since it doesn't seem like there is a reason Brian would be anyone's target.

In the midst of Chloe and Dov's search to find a reason, Dov makes a joke about people hiding things like husbands, which leads to a passive-aggressive fight between them.

While Nick and Gail are online searching for the silver sedan, Gail tells Nick she's going to make him an online dating profile, joking about all the weird things she'll say he does. He turns the tables and says he could do the same for her. Aw how cute- it's the first sincere, tension-free sign that they have become friends again after everything that happened between them.

When Traci asks them what they've found, Nick says there are eight silver sedans with the partial plates. They find a possible match in Sean Harrison. When they arrive at Sean's house, he's odd but cooperates with them.

Once he's at the station, Sam tells Sean that his car was seen at the gas station where the suspect met Doctor Howard and Brian Goudy. Sean claims he's never been to that gas station or heard of Brian. Outside the interrogation room, Doctor Howard says Sean is not the guy he met. Then Kelly, Sean's wife, arrives and when Sam asks her if anyone else has access to her husband's car she mentions a guy named Larry. Kelly explains that Larry is someone who grew up with Sean and he stays in their basement whenever he gets out of prison-- which is recently.

Sam and Andy confront Sean about keeping Larry a secret and Sean says he wanted to give Larry the benefit of the doubt, but admits he doesn't know where Larry is now and that he wasn't with him on the afternoons in question. Sean informs them that Larry had a parole meeting that morning, but he doesn't have anyone on the outside he'd go see, just people in prison who had watched his back while he was there. Doctor Howard IDs Larry as the suspect.

Traci, Oliver and Sam fill everyone at 15 in on the latest developments, giving a working theory that Larry was doing a favor for someone on the inside. Soon Andy comes into the room and informs them that Larry made his parole board meeting but was a nervous wreck, and he had indeed contacted Doctor Howard and Brian, as well as made three calls to an illegal cell phone in the prison he'd been in, the day after Goudy's death. Sam makes a call and gets a list of people in prison who Larry knew. Sam insists on being the one to go talk to them and Andy suspects something's up with him so she tags along, despite him being cagey and weird about it.

In the car, after Sam tells Andy who is on the list, Andy suggests his addiction sponsor would be their best bet but Sam convinces her that the guy he fought would be better. Andy knows he's hiding something but doesn't say anything and Sam turns up the radio.



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