Sarah Palin launches her online network for $10 a month

By Daniel S Levine,

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and one-time Vice Presidential candidate, is heading online. Apparently, even Fox News is now too mainstream for her. It will cost subscribers $9.99 a month to hear her speeches and get behind-the-scenes looks at her events.

Today’s news isn’t surprising at all. Back in March, it was rumored that she would take her brand of opinions to the web, joining the Tapp network, a joint venture between former CNN chief Jon Klein and former NBC Universal entertainment executive Jeff Gaspin.

Palin did just that, launching Sarah Palin Channel, complete with a countdown clock that marks the seconds until President Obama leaves the White House. She also posted a video, in which she explains what users will be getting for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

“I want you to talk directly to me,” Palin said in the video, notes Politico. “That’s what I’m most anxious about — hearing from you. Together, we’ll go around the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.” She is also providing another platform for subscribers to talk about the hot political topics in the country.

According to Variety, Palin isn’t going to be the only famous face with a Tapp network, which Discovery Communications also invested in it. Radio host Steve Arterburn was the first personality to launch a Tapp network with his New Life TV.

Palin also joins a growing list of celebrities who have moved online after a major change in their careers. Larry King took his interviewing skills to Ora.tv after retiring from CNN. Katie Couric is now with Yahoo after her talk show Katie was cancelled. Just last month, Paula Deen announced plans to launch an online cooking network, since she was dropped by the Food Network after her racism scandal.

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