Seaplane almost lands on whale in Alaska (Video)

By Michelle Kapusta,

A seaplane in Alaska narrowly missed landing on a whale thanks to the pilot’s quick, last minute decision to pull up.

According to CNN, Thomas Hamm shot the video of a seaplane making a landing in Angoon and just missing the humpback whale.

“All the sudden, the pilot advanced the throttle and I didn't know why. I thought, 'Oh something must be wrong,’” said Hamm.

Although it is hard to see at first glance, further inspection of the video clip shows the whale swim near the surface and clear his blowhole.

WSPA noted that the pilot said he did not see the mammal in the water, but rather noticed the people along the shore pointing and yelling.

The plane was able to land safely and no one was injured.

Angoon is a city on Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska, where seaplanes are common. The city is the largest permanent settlement on the island, although it only has a population of around 450 people.



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