Search continues for Iowa teen swept down storm drain

By Kyle Johnson,

Divers and rescue crews continue to search on Tuesday for an Iowan teen who got sucked down a storm drain in Cedar Rapids Monday night, while his family continue to hope for him to be found alive.

Logan Blake got sucked down a storm drain when a Frisbee he and friends were playing with went near a storm drain that was overflowing with water after five inches of recent rainfall, The Associated Press reports.

Blake and friend David Bliss, both 17, were swept away into the drain, but Bliss eventually surfaced in Cedar Lake after traveling about a mile. Unfortunately Blake never reappeared.

So crews are currently using sonar to try and search for a body, while divers were sent out as well. The city public safety communications coordinator Greg Buelow said that the drain is only four-and-a-half feet wide and is a mile and a half until it reaches the lake.

Blake's parents and friends remain hopeful that the teen will be found alive.

"We know he's tough," his father Mark Blake said while talking with NBC News. "All of his family and friends are here, and we know that we will get him today. We believe it."



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