Selena Gomez gets Arabic phrase tattooed on her back that translates to 'Love Yourself First'

By Gina DiFalco,

Selena Gomez is jumping on the tattoo bandwagon, getting a tattoo from celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy about a month ago.

McCurdy is now spilling the details, explaining it’s an Arabic phrase that means “Love Yourself First.”

"Selena already had it written out how she wanted. The tattoo is about 4 inches, and didn't take too long, probably about 30-45 minutes,” he told E! News. “The longest part is laying it out. We played with it a bit laying it out, until we found the perfect spot."

The 21-year-old “Come & Get It” singer got the tattoo on the right side of her back. Fans might be surprised to know, however, that Gomez already "has about 5-6 tattoos now,” three from McCurdy.

“She was talking about another one," he continued. "But we haven't talked plans just yet. There are always plans to do another one."

Gomez actually introduced her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber to McCurdy. Bieber has several tattoos, most of which are religious.

image via ACE/INFphoto.com



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