Seven people shot in Indianapolis' Broad Ripple neighborhood

By Kyle Johnson,

Seven people suffered gunshot wounds early Saturday morning in the Indianapolis neighborhood of Broad Ripple.

Police say that the incident broke out around 2:30 a.m., according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer who heard the shots around the neighborhood, the Indianapolis Star reports. The area where the shooting happened has several bars and restaurants nearby.

The result of the shooting left seven people with injuries, but only one man is said to be in critical condition. The other six, one woman and five men, were said not to be in serious condition.

"I've been told there were quite a few people out ... on a typical Friday night, bouncing from bar to bar," Lt. Christopher Bailey, police spokesman, said in a statement. "Someone opens fire in a crowd like that, we're lucky more people weren't hurt."

According to WTHR, one person is in police custody, but it isn't known if he was involved in the shooting. Police are currently investigating the motive for the shooting.



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