Shark attacks swimmer off of California beach

By Madeline Smith,

A great white shark attacked an adult swimmer off of Manhattan Beach Pier in California.

According to CNN, a middle aged man was bitten by a shark that a fisherman was trying to catch.

The 10-foot long shark was on the end of a fisherman’s rod for about 40 minutes when a group of long distance swimmers swam by. The shark bit one of the men on the torso. Bystanders called 911 while the victim’s fellow swimmers brought him back to shore. The 40-year-old man who was bitten is still in the hospital and is in stable condition.

News channel KTLA has a video a bystander took of the victim getting back to shore. KTLA reported that the L.A. County Sheriff’s office used a boat and a helicopter to lure the shark into deeper water. Manhattan Beach was closed for part of the afternoon to protect swimmers from potential attacks.

According to Oceana, there are about 4.2 fatal shark attacks a year. They also report that the likelihood of a shark attack is 1 in 11.5 million, compared to the likelihood of drowning at the beach, which is 1 in 2 million.

Image courtesy of Icon/INFGoff.com



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