Shipwrecked Concordia is afloat again as officials prepare for dismantling

By Angelica Stephens,

The Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that sank in 2012, has been resurfaced on Monday in preparation for its trip to Genoa, Italy, where it will be dismantled.

According to The Associated Press, officials were successfully able to float the cruise ship and are going to move it 30 meters before anchoring it for the day.

The cost of moving the ship from the place it crashed to Genoa is expected to cost about 1.5 billion euros (around $2 billion). The trip will take five days in total to complete and will begin on July 21.

The devastating 2012 crash left 32 dead. As a result, the Cruise Lines International Association has added 10 new regulations to ensure passenger safety and prevent another incident. The new policies are in addition to the current government regulations and include making life jackets more easily accessible and improving the procedure for evacuating the ship and using lifeboats, USA Today noted.

The captain of the cruise ship, Francesco Schettino, has been accused of leaving the cruise ship prior to ensuring that all passengers had safely removed from the ship. He also is also facing charges of manslaughter and is being tried in Tuscany, Italy.



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