South Carolina boy, dog die after climbing into hot car

By Michelle Kapusta,

Lately, it has been reported that children have been left in hot cars by their parents and the results have been tragic. In this case, a boy was actually able to climb into a hot car without his mother’s knowledge, but the results were the same.

According to WSOC, 3-year-old Logan Cox climbed into the family’s Mitsubishi Galant last Wednesday without his mother knowing. The toddler got into the vehicle with the family dog and became trapped.

The Herald Online noted that Cox’s grandmother said the boy fell asleep on the couch with his mother, Amber Bender. The child must have gotten up before she did and went outside with the dog.

When Bender awoke, she realized her son was not in the home and ran out front to look for him.

She found him slumped over in the car with the windows rolled up. The family dog was already dead.

The child’s grandmother frantically called 911 and the boy was rushed to the hospital, where he died a few days later.

His death remains under investigation at this time.



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