Stupid Amazon Reviews: 'The Lego Movie'

By Patricia Streeter,

If the world is full of extraordinary people, the world is full of ordinary people too. Emmet is an extremely ordinary Lego man. Nothing about him stands out. Even though he lives in a city of carbon copies, his neighbors and coworkers admit that there is nothing interesting about him. When Emmet found “The Piece of Resistance”, he became “The Special.” To save the world, he had to team up with master builders to defeat President Business. There is only one problem, Emmet has always followed the instructions. A Master Builder is creative thinkers that bend the rules. Wyldstyle, Batman and Vitruvius have to figure out how to tap into Emmet’s creativity and save the world before “Taco Tuesday.”

The Lego Movie got 8 stars on IMDb. The PG rated movie did well. For a family comedy, it was acceptable to watch with kids without adults being bored out of their minds. Plus, the diverse cast was great, which included Morgan Freeman. He voiced Vitruvius. The movie highlighted different Lego worlds. Tegan and Sara featured The Lonely Island on their single “Everything is Awsome,” which was Emmet’s favorite song. Surprisingly, the movie had an important, heartfelt message. So, why did almost 100 Amazon customers give it 1 star? Many of these reviewers did not like the movie. Some had few words, while others had a mouthful.

Grace Olinger: This movie was horrible. Paid 3 dollars to rent it

"This movie was horrible. Paid 3 dollars to rent it, and my 5 and seven year old kids didn't like it. They don't get to watch TV, or many movies, so they're not used to just sitting and watching whatever is in front of them. As a side note: They liked movies like Mega Mind, The Incredibles, Horton Hears A Who, etc. Don't waste your money. I turned it off after about half an hour."

Grace, there is no need to insult other people that liked the movie. Your statement suggests that people that liked the movie are used to watching rubbish all day.

Disgust is not the only reason The Lego Movie received 1 star reviews. Some of the reviews have nothing to do with the movie.

Susan K. Tepas: It didn't work

" It didn't work. I tried everything and it still didn't work I'm really angry about this cuz I was going to watch this on a long car ride."

I feel your pain. I had to watch the King Kong for a history class and analyze it. I let Amazon know that I couldn’t watch it. It was only a few dollars, but Amazon refunded me. I hope you got a refund too.

Other customers wished they didn’t buy the combo pack. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have made it possible for Digital Copy movies to thrive. However, UltraViolet is not doing well.

Josh Sutton: Digital Format Incompatible with iTunes - not clear when purchased

"Like the movie a lot. Bought the Combo Pack so I could watch it at home or on the road. It doesn't download in a way that you can copy it to your iPad. You need to have access to stream - not what I wanted to buy:( Couldn't tell until after I opened and tried to load - now I'm stuck with a format I wouldn't have bought and can't use. Crappy result."

Josh was not the only customer displeased with The Lego Movie digital copy.

Bryan Lemke: Movie was great, product stinks

"The movie was great, but this review is about the product, not the movie itself. It seems that Ultraviolet is trying to become the standard for digital content, and it really just sucks. It was buggy, problematic, difficult to get answers that were more than canned cut-and-paste messages from Flixster, and makes you get a different app to view the content…Bottom line, it's frustrating that any time you want to watch the movie you've got to open a different app or load the disk, rather than being able to maintain your library in one place. The movie is great, but including Ultraviolet without the regular Digital Copy means it'll get thrown out or added to a garage sale and we'll download the iTunes version."

Bryan had more to say about the product. You can read it here.

I agree. Other companies are trying to knock out the competition. For now, Apple is not going anywhere. Creating digital copies that are incompatible with iTunes is a bad financial move.

If you stick to the regular DVD, you should be fine. Over 700 reviewers gave it 5 stars, will you?



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