Super Typhoon Neoguri hits Japan’s Okinawa

By Michelle Kapusta,

Hundreds of thousands were urged to evacuate ahead of Super Typhoon Neoguri which battered the Japanese Islands of Okinawa on Tuesday.

CNN meteorologist Tom Sater said that the typhoon, which was expected to have the same intensity as a Category 5 hurricane, actually lost strength and became more like a Category 3.

However, it still caused major problems for the islands including power outages to thousands of residents.

Reuters reported that one death could be attributed to Neoguri, but that report has not yet been confirmed. Several people are said to be injured though and one of them serious.

On Monday, 18th Wing Commander, Gen. James Hecker of Kadena Air Base posted a message on Facebook warning residents of the typhoon’s threat and urging them to take precautions.

Okinawa’s airport, as well as most businesses and schools have closed on the main island that over 1 million residents call home.

The name Neoguri means “raccoon” in Korean.



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