Suspected Ebola victim dies in quarantine

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Liberian man thought to have had the deadly Ebola virus has died while in quarantine.

Reuters noted that the man was being kept in isolation by authorities because he was suspected of having the virus. However, the World Health Organization said that it does not yet have the lab results from tests performed on the victim to determine if he did in fact have Ebola.

The man reportedly collapsed at an airport in Lagos, Nigeria, and was rushed to the hospital.

"The Liberian came in and he was quarantined at the airport and not allowed to go to the city. While he was quarantined he passed away. Everyone who has had contact with him has been quarantined," a Nigerian official said.

There is no known cure for the Ebola outbreak which has plagued some West African nations over the past several months. Dozens of new cases and deaths have been reported since July 3.

The virus is spread by personal contact and infected patients are placed in isolation to avoid further spread.

The virus occurs in both humans and primates and is often fatal. Some of the symptoms of Ebola include chills, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, internal and external bleeding.



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