Texas Longhorns can't spell the name of the state they play for

By Daniel S Levine,

It’s not like they play in Mississippi, where a misplaced “s” might be understandable. No, the Texas Longhorns play for the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, the state capital. So, the media relations department should know how to spell Texas. Unfortunately, one person misplaced the “s” in Texas in the team’s 2014 media guide.

When the media guide went up on TexasSports.com today, the pages with the players’ profiles read “www.texsasports.com.” Yahoo Sports reports that the error was quickly fixed, but not before plenty of Longhorns fans noticed and it hit Twitter.

Fans of the Oklahoma Sooners, the Longhorn’s rivals, also noticed and capitalized on the error. One Sooners fan even launched a real texsasports.com website, Fox Sports points out. The hastily put together site calls the OU fight song “the best Longhorns fight song ever.”

Obviously, someone needs a better spell checker in the Longhorns’ media office.

image courtesy of LostLettermen

In more serious Longhorns news, ESPN reports that four players were kicked off the team for ignoring team rules. Two others were suspended earlier this week after getting arrested for sexual assault.



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