Titans rookie Zach Mettenberger punched by Alabama fan in bar

By Leighton Schneider,

Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger was sucker-punched by an Alabama fan over the weekend at a bar in Nashville.

The bar’s owner Steve Ford told The Tennessean that the punch came out of no where.

“Here’s the truth: The guy said something about ‘Roll Tide’ to Zach, and Zach turned around and said ‘Good luck with that,” Ford said. “And the guy’s buddy then sucker-punched Zach."

Mettenberger, the Titans' sixth round pick this year, played at Alabama rival Louisiana State University.

He did not have to receive any medical attention.

Ford also made sure that The Tennessean knew that Mettenberger didn’t go after the guy that punched him.

Mettenberger became LSU’s starting quarterback in 2012. LSU has lost to Alabama three games in a row, leading back to the 2012 BCS National Championship Game, according to USA Today.

There will be no charges filed against the man that punched Mettenberger.

Ford said Mettenberger has been to his bar several times before and has not caused any incidents.

The Titans open training camp on Friday.



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