Top 10 Angels & Airwaves songs

By Luke Wiersma,

Great music does a couple of things. Firstly, all great music has to sound good. And not just to you, or grandma Claudia either. But rather, a large group of people must acknowledge that, yes, this piece of music is pleasing to the ear drums. It has to be well thought out and well produced.

Good music also has to connect with people. Its lyrics (if it has any) must make people feel, must tug at the heart strings and relate to people on a human level. They need to be genuine and, lastly, from the heart.

But when music goes beyond this, and explores the deepest issues and complexities that exist within humanity, and in turn inspires humanity to get up off of its haunches and find out the answers themselves, then it becomes more than just good music. It becomes significant, provocative, and meaningful music. Angels and Airwaves exemplifies all of this as well as any artist ever could.

These are the top 10 songs that best illustrate this point.

image courtesy of Devan/INFGoff.com


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