Top 10 Drake Songs

By Kabraun Dixon,

Drake is one of this generations biggest and most influential rappers - and rightfully so. His slick lyricism and hardcore R&B flow separated him from the bunch; instead of chasing the sound, he created one. It’s a sound that is filled with emotion - which is sort of considered taboo in the rap industry. While his contemporaries are serving bars about their body counts and stroking their egos, Drake is rapping about love and even better, love lost. Sure, Drake’s ego is huge sometimes but the way he is able to cancel it out with a small and quiet beat is genius.

So far, throughout his career, Drake has released three albums: Thank Me Later, Take Care, and his most recent Nothing Was The Same, all of which went platinum and each spawned hit singles. However, before he released those three albums he released three mix tapes and an Ep entitled, So Far Gone. That mix tape was met with critical acclaim, spawn the hit single “Best I Ever Had” and catapulted Drake into international stardom.

Drake has racked up 12 No. 1 singles on the rap charts - more than any other artist in history. He also took 10 songs to No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts - making him the rapper with the most top songs on that chart, too. Drake didn’t rank up this hits with cheap records that were just great radio songs; he got those hits because he knows how to connect with people - a large group of people.

Here is a top 10 list of the best of the best by Drake.

Here we go!

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