Top 10 Greatest Voice-Actors

Animated and masked characters and their iconic voices have a knack for becoming more iconic than their live action counterparts. What these animated characters might lack in 3-dimensional shape, they make up for in boisterous, bubbly, over-the-top and sometimes in-your-face personality. But who is responsible for bringing the character, puppet or cartoon character off the screen and into everyday entertainment and lifestyle? It is of course the talented actor behind the animation who voices the legendary quips, comebacks and punch lines.

While we might not know these voice actors by name, they bring life to an otherwise inanimate character and leave a lasting legacy by creating characters whose names, voices and taglines are recognized and loved by millions.

Alicyn Packard and Meyer DeLeeuw are voice actors in the new public television series, Space Racers™. Packard voices smart, savvy Robyn and DeLeeuw is the voice of the lovable and boisterous Hawk - two of the main characters in the children’s animated series. The two voice actors share their lists of iconic actors and characters who have served as inspirations during their careers:

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