Top 10 Katherine Heigl roles

By Erica M. Szkola,

Katherine Heigl has been under fire recently. Due to her reputation for being a difficult actress to work with, the 35-year-old isn’t letting the opinions of others get to her anymore.

According to People Magazine, controversy followed her departure from Grey’s Anatomy in 2010, after rumors that she was difficult to work with spread. Heigl said she believes that her husband and two adopted daughters have changed her for the better, even though she still denies she is too difficult to work with.

"I have a deeper understanding about what really matters and whose opinion really matters," Heigl said to People. "I'm not going to lie, I'm absolutely a neurotic actor. But I'm less atwitter, and I'm less defensive, and I'm less afraid of what everybody thinks about me."

Known mostly for her roles in romantic comedies, Heigl has taken on a new genre with her most recent role as Charlie Tucker on NBC’s State of Affairs.

Although her career has shifted, she looks back fondly on her old work. With that being said, here is a top 10 list of Katherine Heigl's former roles.

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