Top 10 Kevin Smith Movies

By Vincent Lia,
A ranking of Kevin Smith's films

A few years ago, it appeared as though we were nearing the end of Kevin Smith's career as a filmmaker.

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Smith had just snubbed the movie industry by forgoing a studio release in favor of rolling the film out throughout the country on his own. At the time, he had just parlayed his successful Smodcast podcasting network into a 24/7 Internet radio station, all while he wrote his next book, starred in a film-reviewing series on Hulu and continued touring of his wildly popular Q&A sessions.

He claimed he had one more movie in his arsenal, a hockey comedy called Hit Somebody, then he would be retiring from making movies. Soon after, Smith announced that Hit Somebody would be split into two movies, and not long after that, he decided it would be a six-part miniseries.

Then, in December of 2012, he announced his last flick as writer/director would be a third installment of Clerks.

It would only be a matter of time until that took a back seat, though, as he was inspired to write a horror movie based on an episode of Smodcast. This one's actually been made. It's called Tusk, it stars Justin Long and Michael Parks and it's due out this September. The release of Tusk will coincide with the start of shooting his next film, Anti-Claus, also a horror film, and also starring Long and Parks.

If that's not enough for Smith's fans, this weekend at Comic-Con, he explained plans to expand the world of Tusk into a trilogy, with two more films whose ideas were conceived on his podcast.

So, as it turns out, Smith is doing anything but withdrawing himself creatively from the movie biz. And as he expands his filmmaking prowess into different genres and worlds, it's as good a time as any to think back on how he got here - the indie darling from Jersey who cut his teeth on telling dirty jokes outside the Quick Stop.

He's released exactly 10 films to date, so let's rank them from worst to best.

WARNING: the following videos could contain language that some may find offensive

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