Top 10 'Live from Daryl's House' Performances

By Vincent Lia,
'Daryl's House' is a breeding ground for great musical moments

You know Daryl Hall as half of the soulful Philadelphia duo Hall & Oates, but since 2007, Hall has made a habit out of playing with many more artists than just his partner John.

His show, Live from Daryl's House, documents dozens of various musicians paying Daryl a visit at his New York home for a day full of talking, eating, and, most importantly, jamming together.

It started out as a web series, then was picked up by MTV for its live music-centered channel Palladia.

Each edition features Daryl, his band, and his guest(s) collaborating to play each other's songs. Artists such as Ray Manzarek, Fitz & The Tantrums, Joe Walsh, and Rob Thomas have all been featured.

It's an interesting formula for a music show, where sometimes the guest and Daryl are familiar with each other, and many times they're meeting for the first time. Sometimes the artist and Daryl share similar music styles, and sometimes they don't. In the end, though, Daryl and his band always find a way to create intimate, fun performances.

Whether you're already versed on LFDH, or are still uninitiated, here are then ten best performances from the first 68 episodes of the show.

image courtesy of: Roger Wong/INFGoff.com



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