Top 10 'Louie' Episodes (So Far)

By Vincent Lia,
The ten best 'Louie' episodes from seasons 1-4

For four seasons, Louis C.K.'s Louie has been a critical darling for FX, collecting writing, acting, and directing Emmy nods every season, as well as countless other accolades. His show has hit humorous notes, dramatic notes, and every emotion in between. He's captured the spirit of New York in a way that's on par with master writer-directors like Scorsese and Allen, all while making stops in Alabama, Miami, China, and the Middle East.

On a shoestring budget, Louis writes, directs, stars, produces, and edits, giving each episode the personal touch of a young upstart auteur, while calling on the help of Hollywood's biggest names to contribute more than just a simple cameo. Matthew Broderick, Ricky Gervais, F. Murray Abraham, Joan Rivers, Jay Leno, Melissa Leo, Garry Marshall, Robin Williams, and Jeremy Renner are just a few who have had significant turns on various Louie episodes.

This week, it was announced that Louie will return next spring for a fifth season, giving fans a further view of Louie's life as a comedian and father. With the excitement of a new season comes the depression of how far away spring of 2015 seems right now, so let's alleviate things by looking back on the ten best episodes of Louie so far.

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