Top 10 most frequent Super Bowl host cities

By Ian Sacks,

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year. Millions upon millions of people tune in to see the NFL champion crowned on the first Sunday in February every year. To have the honor of hosting the big game is truly something that many cities would salivate at the opportunity to do.

The first 47 Super Bowls were either in a dome or a warm-weather city. This past year was the first Super Bowl held outside as it was hosted by New York and New Jersey at MetLife Stadium. Luckily, the weather held up for the game, which was fortunate because the following day, the area was hit with a big snow storm. While this was their first Super Bowl, other cities have hosted the big game numerous times. Miami and New Orleans have been the most frequent host cities, each seeing the big game come their way 10 times. Here is a ranking of the most frequent Super Bowl host cities.



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