Top 10 performing couples including Jay Z, Beyonce and more

By Amanda Stewart,

When you think about some of the best duos like Sonny and Cher, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, you think, “Wow! How great they look together!” You wonder to yourself, how could they have broken up? They were so great together ... on stage.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com

That is what many people are thinking with the rumors spreading about Beyonce and Jay Z splitting up.

As we previously reported, there are rumors that the couple plans to divorce after the “On the Run” tour. Of course, Bey and Jay Z have been all smiles for the crowds at their concerts but what is going on behind closed doors?

A couple that has been together for what seems like forever can’t split up, right?

While pondering on Jay Z and Beyonce’s love life, I got to thinking... remember all those couples that sang and performed awesome duets together?

Here are the top ten couples that have performed together and, of course, we’ve got to start with Sonny and Cher.



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