Top 10 Recipes to Celebrate Banana Lovers’ Day

By Amanda Holtzer,

What does Aug. 27 mean to you? Is it someone special’s birthday? Is it your first day at a new job? In a foodie’s world, Aug. 27 only means one thing: Banana Lovers’ Day!

For all you banana newbies out there, your world is about to be rocked. There are endless delicious recipes that involve bananas. We use them in breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and they always add their own personal flare to every dish.

We just have one rule: NEVER throw away your bananas. Yes, we know they tend to grow brown and spotty after a few days of sitting on the countertop. This is okay! You may not want to unpeel one and eat it on its own, but there are so many different ways we can put ripe bananas to use. So long as we promise each other to never throw away our bananas, all will be okay in the banana lovers’ world.

When you think of bananas, you may not think of delicious, hearty breads, moist muffins and decadent desserts. That’s okay, because we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 recipes to try to celebrate one of the greatest days of the year.



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