Top 10 Ryan Gosling movies

By Mila Whiteley,

Earlier this week, the news broke that Eva Mendes is possibly pregnant with boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s child.

Reportedly, Eva Mendes is about seven months along, leaving only two more months before the on and off couple will be parents as previously reported.

With this news, Ryan Gosling fans everywhere have despaired, as the possibility of getting together with the 33-year-old star becomes even smaller, even though they were simply dreaming anyway.

However, this Top 10 hopes to focus not on what has potentially been lost, but on all the great roles that Ryan Gosling has given fans over the years. From his first roles in television programs such as Young Hercules, which everyone should really watch a few episodes of at least, to the greatness of his roles in movies such as Drive, Gosling is truly a talent.

Through this Top 10, Ryan Gosling’s greatest movies will be explored, reminding fans that while Ryan Gosling might possibly be a father, characters like Jacob from Crazy, Stupid, Love will always be single. At least for the first quarter of the movie.

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