Top 10 Stereotypes about Americans

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

There's no question that every nation earns their unique personality from its citizens. There are hundreds of different cultures around the world, each with their own unique stereotypes. A stereotype is an oversimplified, generalized assumption about a group of people or culture based off of assumed ideas. One of the "loudest" and most stereotyped cultures in the world? The United States of America.

We're loud, we're independent and we love to express ourselves and what America is all about: freedom. This is especially obvious around the 4th of July, America's independence day - a day when the barbecue tongs come out and fire lights up the sky. We eat hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad, mac and cheese and fried chicken. We wear clothes and jewelry and body paint of the red, white and blue variety. We gather in parks and rooftops and backyards and streets to light fireworks and celebrate and dance to patriotic music.

Although stereotypes typically come with negative connotations, not all stereotypes are negative and many can be right on the money. Here are 10 stereotypes of Americans, in honor of this 4th of July.

Image courtesy of INFGoff.com



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