Top 10 Strikeout Leaders in 2014

By Ian Sacks,

For pitchers in baseball, a lot of their statistics are based on the players around them. For example, wins and losses are determined not only by how well the pitcher pitches but also by how much run support the offense provides. Earned Run Average (ERA) is a good measure of how well a pitcher is doing, but it can be greatly altered by where some of the batted balls land. A batter could hit a rocket 400 feet that is caught on the warning track for an out, while another hitter might reach base safely with a little dribbler the travels 30 feet. This irony in baseball lead to the phase: “Hit it where they ain’t.”

So, due to the amount of factors that weigh into several of the pitchers’ statistics, strikeouts prove to be a great way to determine which pitchers are dominating. When a pitcher records a strikeout, he is helping his own cause and does not need to rely on the luck of having the ball be hit where his fielders can make a play.

Here is a Top 10 list of the best strikeout pitchers in the Majors Leagues in 2014:

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