Top 10 stupid things Jason Biggs has said on Twitter

By Erica M. Szkola,

Actor Jason Biggs hasn’t exactly been known for his kind words on Twitter. In fact, his tweets have caused quite the controversy in recent years.

Most recently, Biggs received backlash for his comment regarding the Malaysian M17 crash in the Ukraine after he made a joke asking if anyone wanted to buy his frequent flier miles for the airline. A joke made too soon, some would say, but his insensitive, vulgar tweets have never had the best timing. Biggs has since deleted the tweets and apologized.

Prior to this rant, the comedian took to Twitter to bash on Republican wives, particularly Ann Romney and Janna Ryan, with tweets too vulgar and distasteful to include in this list. Let’s just say it included their lady parts.

The American Pie star also got a lot of negative feedback for posting images of his wife breastfeeding in the back seat, as well as his wife and his sister in a very peculiar position with one another in which he suggests they were having sexual relations.

Although he claims that the posts are all in good fun, people aren't taking his defense of his jokes being as serious as him putting his manhood in a pie. Parents in particular even voiced their opinion to have Biggs fired from the Nickelodeon show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the vulgarity of his tweets and Biggs being too adult for children.

Here is a list of 10, less vulgar but still offensive tweets Biggs has made on Twitter.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com
Tweets via Twitter from Jason Biggs

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