Top 10 Stupidest Love Songs of All Time and Why They’re Totally True Life

By Madison Kiss,

Ahh, love. It’s the most primitive, complicated, beautiful, insane, crazy emotion we as human beings will experience in our lifetime. It’s an emotion that is also the catalyst of unabashed joy, devastating pain, relentless jealousy, and undeniable, unexplainable, unthinkable stupidity. (Think Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, and the infamous couch jumping incident of 2005).

Let’s face it. If you’re over 14, then you’ve likely been there. Being in love just makes us stupid. Whether it’s good love, or bad love, or somewhere in between, chances are that at some point in our relationships, we’ve changed from our usually well-behaved, sane selves, into some kind of love-drunk, emotional imbecile. We do things we wouldn’t normally do. We say things we wouldn’t normally say. Sometimes we even shun our families and create life long enemies out of our best friends. Love can make us neglect our dreams, our hobbies, even our lives, and then later on, when we’re freed of whatever emotional roller coaster “said love” took us on, we look back and think “what the hell was I thinking? Who even was that person??”

But hey, love’s power over the human heart isn’t some new, scientific discovery. Plays, movies, books, and especially music proves that being “in love” has defined us as emotional idiots since the beginning of time. Still skeptical? Please find below my list, (in no particular order), of the top 10 stupidest love songs to date, and why they are totally true life.

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