Top 10 Taylor Swift points from her Op/Ed article

By Elizabeth Learned,

Taylor Swift is one of the hottest young music stars around right now and she is known for putting her relationships out into the world through her music. She writes her own songs and she has won seven Grammy awards. With song such as "Red" and "I Knew You Were Trouble," she has had plenty of hits on her hands.

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As someone who makes music for her adoring fans, Swift knows all too well how music is distributed and how fans get music through online piracy and file sharing. However, she has her own view about how important albums are to artists and the meaning that comes through for the relationships between artists and their fan base.

Swift wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal where she discussed her own views on whether or not the music industry was in trouble due to streaming and piracy. In Swift’s view, no matter where the music industry goes in the future, fans and artists will still figure out ways to bond through their music in ways that will continue to change.

She makes many good points in the article and TheCelebrityCafe.com is taking a look at the top ten key points she made through her writing.

Image courtesy of Jane West/INFphoto.com

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