Top 10 things to look for during NFL Training Camps

By Robby Sabo,

Can you feel it yet? That feeling in mid-July of the anticipation of “America’s Machine” – the National Football League – coming back. The Derek Jeter story Tuesday night was wonderful, but let’s get to the real sports powerhouse of this country - the NFL.

Wednesday marks the opening day of training camp for three NFL teams: The Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, according to CBS Sports. Rookies will report to these teams and quickly realize they’re not in college anymore. And apparently, the Harbaugh brothers (Jim and John) both want to get these going quickly.

From this moment on, the country will now be tuned into football. Fantasy Football mock drafts are already in full swing and commissioners alike are sorting through league settings to hit on that perfect setup for 2014.

We have plenty of time to discuss the fantasy side of things however. For now, we look at some of the top story-lines of training camp 2014.



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