Top 10 Twitter reactions to Elisabeth Hasselbeck's comments on Rosie O'Donnell

By Elizabeth Learned,

It’s official! After rumors and speculation ran rampant over the possible return of Rosie O’Donnell to The View when news broke that both Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy were leaving, it has been confirmed O’Donnell will be joining Whoppi Goldberg as co-host next season. Elisabeth Hasselbeck had already left the show as well to go to Fox but before it was made official, Hasselbeck was not shy about how she felt about O’Donnell’s return, taking to her show Fox & Friends to make remarks that many saw as being full of hate.

Another former View co-host, Joy Behar, also had a thing or two to say about the comments. While on CNN, Behar took defense to O’Donnell, saying she was a “very generous person” and that the comments made by Hasselbeck were full of hate and dangerous to say.

Behar is not the only person to react to the comments. Many Twitter fans have had their own views on Hasselbeck’s comments, even ones who were not fond of O’Donnell herself. We’re taking a look at some of the top ten Twitter reactions from the remarks Hasselbeck made about O’Donnell returning to The View.

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