Top 10 Uses of Music in Tarantino Movies

By Vincent Lia,
Tarantino's best musical moments

To say one of Quentin Tarantino's best skills as a director is his ability to pick the perfect song to go with a scene is not a unique opinion. Since he first hit the scene in the early '90s, he wasted no time in building a reputation as a filmmaker who meticulously curates the music that helps orchestrate the wide range of emotions he looks to evoke in his movies. In his first four films alone, over 100 different tracks were used.

If you're watching one of his movies and you notice the crackle and pop of a vinyl recording, it's because the song you're hearing came directly from his expansive record collection. To call them soundtracks would almost be a misnomer. He assembles his films' tracks more like a playlist, something that would stand alone as a great compilation had it not already been defined by the iconic imagery of his movies. From pop to surf rock to soul to scores from other films, QT's eclectic taste in music matches the diverse array of films he's made.

While we can officially start looking forward to what choices he'll make for The Hateful Eight, let's narrow down the 10 moments that Tarantino best captured cinematic perfection through music.

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