Toyota creates driver microphone to help parents yell at kids

By Allison Rubenstein,

In an effort to bring back the minivan, Toyota has added a new feature to its Sienna minivan called “Driver Easy Speak,” which provides a built-in microphone for the driver to send loud and clear messages to the back of the car. Hey, no one said anything about yelling and driving.

So, when your kids are misbehaving in the back seats, rather than taking your eyes off the road to turn around and scold them, you can simply stay calm, and make an announcement to “cut it out.” At least that’s the idea.

Moreover, the amplification system is only accessible to the driver, so the kids can’t send booming messages back at you, according to the Associated Press.

The latest Sienna—with Easy Speak—will be introduced this weekend at the Baltimore arts festival. The prices of the new vehicle and speaker system have not yet been revealed.

The feature consists of four volume settings, and turns off automatically when any of the car doors are opened, as stated by Toyota’s official website.



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