Trailer Park - 7/4 Edition: ‘Tammy’ and ‘Earth to Echo’ reach for the top of the box office

By Michelle Vaccaro,

While some characters in this week’s new releases investigate unexplainable phenomena, others are trying to get the attention of their crushes. Melissa McCarthy looks to start anew in her latest comedy that is expected to bring out the laughs.

A down on her luck woman tries to escape her life by going on a road trip with her grandmother in Tammy. Their escape to Niagara Falls becomes an adventure, especially with her vulgar, alcoholic mother in tow. Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon star in the one hour and thirty-seven minute comedy. It’s rated R for language and sex.

On the verge of moving away from each other, a young group of friends receive strange signals on their cell phones in Earth to Echo. As they investigate the origin, they discover a tiny, helpless alien. They go on a mission to protect him and help him get home. The PG family adventure plays for one hour and twenty-nine minutes.

A non-believing police officer joins a task force that investigates supernatural powers in Deliver Us from Evil. Soon inexplicable evil begins terrorizing his family. The one hour and fifty-eight minute horror film stars Eric Bana, Olivia Munn and Joel McHale. It’s rated R for violence and language.

A research scientist’s family trip to the Africa desert takes a deadly turn in Heatstroke. After accidentally traveling off course, he is murdered not by wild animals but by an arms dealer, leaving his girlfriend and daughter fending for their lives. The unrated adventure thriller is running in limited theaters for one hour and thirty-two minutes.

A teen hopes to catch the eye of his crush in School Dance. He believes he’ll be able to grab her attention if he can nab a spot on the school dance crew. The comedic drama is written and directed by Nick Cannon and stars Bobb'e J. Thompson, Luenell, Mike Epps, George Lopez, Katt Williams and Wilmer Valderrama. The film plays in limited theaters for one hour and twenty-five minutes. It’s rated R for sex, language and drugs.

Described as American Pie meets Groundhog Day, Premature, tells the story of a high school senior reliving his day over and over again. It’s an important day in his life. He has his college interview and his crush is finally showing interest. The one hour and thirty-five minute comedy is playing in limited theaters. It’s rated R for sex, language and drugs.

Life Itself is a movie about a movie critic. The one hour and fifty-six minute documentary provides an inside look at the life and influence of Pulitzer-prize winning columnist, Roger Ebert. The limited released film is based on his memoir. It’s rated R for sex, nudity and language.

Two men’s journey to the top of Mount Everest is the focus of Beyond the Edge. The limited released documentary tells the story of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s struggle to reach a place no one else had gone before. The unrated film runs for one hour and thirty-three minutes.

This week, townspeople are threatened by devilish spirits in Deliver Us from Evil, but stay tuned next week as humans are threatened by the rising race of apes in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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