Trees save hundreds of lives each year

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

New underlying benefits of trees and shrubberies have arisen in a recent study done by researchers of the United States Forest Service. Although the "Save the rainforests!" slogans have been popular for many years, new evidence finds the deforestation and clearing of wild plants may be more harmful to humans than originally assumed.

According to researchers, foliage such as trees and plants are responsible for saving anywhere from 850 to 870 human lives each year, and help prevent almost 700,000 incidences of acute respiratory symptoms, reports Wall Street OTC News.

Utah Peoples Post reports that hundreds of deaths a year within the United States are attributed to air pollution. Many of the toxins that exist within the air space we breathe have a direct effect on our health and fitness, and trees and shrubbery are able to purify the air and convert the toxins into cleaner, fresher oxygen for human and animal consumption.

This is the first study of its kind to achieve such results, but scientists say there is more than meets the eye with the different plants and wildlife that exist in the world.



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