Tropical Storm Arthur prompts evacuation of North Carolina's Outer Banks

By Kyle Johnson,

North Carolina's small group of islands known as the Outer Banks is being evacuated ahead of Tropical Storm Arthur, which is believed to grow into a Category 1 hurricane before the Fourth of July holiday.

A mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island will be instituted early Thursday morning, with Dare County officials saying that no one will be allowed to return to the island, according to WTSP-TV.

Arthur is expected to be classified as a hurricane either late Wednesday or Thursday the National Hurricane Center said and those on Hatteras Island are warned to evacuate while there is light out. With the exception of ferries, the only way off the island is a two-lane highway.

As previously reported, the tropical storm is still out at sea, about 275 miles from Charleston, South Carolina and 100 miles from Cape Canaveral. While out at sea, Arthur is creating sustained 60 mph winds, but it is expected to boost up to 85 mph when it gets closer to the coast.

With the soon-to-be designated hurricane likely to come near land just in time for the Friday holiday, many coastal cities are delaying firework shows until Saturday.



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