'True Blood' recap: 'Fire in the Hole'

By Julianne Ishler,
Sookie devises a plan which results in the death of one of Bon Temps' beloved residents

It really is true that no one is safe on a show like True Blood, especially in its last few hours. In July 6's episode, we said goodbye to Bon Temps' favorite werewolf and sassy vamp hater Mrs. Fortenberry. But it's not really a close call of who we'll miss more.

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Here's a look at what went down in the dramatic third episode of True Blood's final season, "Fire in the Hole."

Sookie strikes out again

When Sookie sat in the woods to lure the Hep-V vampires to her so she could save Arlene, Holly, and Nicole, I immediately smelled trouble. Anxious to become vampire bait, Sookie cuts herself with a rock which stirs up conversation with Bill - you know, just a casual conversation with her ex about love and her current relationship. Sookie admits that she doesn't love Alcide as much as he loves her. He's grounded and caring, she says, but still there's something missing.

Sookie is relieved to see Holly, but what she doesn't know is that Holly agreed to be the Hep-V vamps' food guide. They appear to take Sookie, but are then quickly shot down by Andy and Jason - and of course the blood spatters all over Sookie. Just as you think everyone is ok, Alcide is seen toppling down with a big bullet in his forehead. So sad! But what's even sadder is that when Jessica offers to turn him into a vampire to save him, Sookie declines, saying she's been down that road before. Ok, she does have a point.

I have to admit, I never saw Alcide's death coming, at least not this early on. However, it does seem to make sense since he doesn't serve any purpose in the story anymore other than being madly in love with Sookie. And being eye candy for us viewers.

The race is on: to find Sarah Newlin!

Yep, that's right - the Jesus-loving psycho is back with a bold, brunette makeover. She's gone into hiding at a mental rehabilitation center in which she sleeps with her yoga teacher to practice proper breathing.

During that practice time with her yoga instructor, the Authority comes in and asks the yoga instructor if he's seen Sarah, to which he replies yes. When he doesn't tell them where she is, he is killed, and the blood spills into the wine cellar she was hiding in. So you know the Authority is dead serious in wanting her.

Better watch out, Sarah! Not only is the Authority after her, but Eric is hungrier than ever for her. But who will find her first?

The town has turned on Sam and everyone else who is different

If there's one thing we know about Sam, it's how much he loves the town of Bon Temps. So when the residents point guns at him, he is aware everyone knows his secret and is overthrown as mayor. But don't worry, he quickly turns into a bird and flies away. Knowing Sam, he will be more determined than ever to protect the town.

After Sam flies away, Andy, Jessica, Jason, and Violet search for Sookie, but the residents give them trouble. Mrs. Fortenberry spews hateful words at Jessica before shooting her arm. Violet - who expresses her distaste for Jess earlier in the episode - reacts by pulling out Mrs. Fortenberry's cold, cold heart. R.I.P.

Lettie Mae and her V addiction

We learn a lot more about Reverend Daniels in the episode, and how he was a lost, confused soul until he met Lettie Mae. He finally confronts the fact that Lettie Mae is addicted to V. After a heart-touching speech he rescinds Willa's invitation to the house in order to protect his beloved wife, who is still desperately searching for Tara. Where Willa will go next is a good question, but the Reverend did have the decency to feed her before sending her off.

Lafayette and James: bromance becoming romance?

Jess's boyfriend James - who we weirdly haven't seen interact all season - seeks the company of Lafayette. After popping a bunch of pills to escape their individual troubles, their interaction becomes much more flirty. Lafayette says what we all had been thinking about James coming onto him, and James replies, "I'm with Jessica." Though I love Jess, I would not be opposed to a La-La/James relationship - it's been too long since Lafayette has been truly happy.

Pam motivates Eric by reminiscing

Pam is trying to get Eric to fight for his life since he seems to have given up after contracting Hep-V. During this time, Eric and Pam remember when vampires were still in the coffin, yet Eric openly had sex with a French woman, Sylvie. The Authority visited Eric to warn him, yet he didn't stop seeing her. Soon enough, they came back and Eric could only choose to save the life of either Pam or Sylvie. The point of the flashback was to show that Pam had trust in Eric that he would choose for her to live, and now he had to have trust in her in order to fight Hep-V.

And just when you think he's given up, Sarah Newlin is the best of motivators.

What did you think of "Fire in the Hole?" Are you shocked by Alcide's death? Also, be sure to check out the promo for next Sunday's episode!



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