'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 6 recap: 'Karma'

By Julianne Ishler,

What goes around, comes around.

Turns out there is some truth to the old saying - at least for our friends in Bon Temps!

Throughout the season, Hep-V has slowly (but quickly, in Bill's case) been killing the vampires, creating blood-thirsty monsters. Just as the epidemic breached unstoppable, a cure was finally discovered - in the devil Sarah Newlin herself! Meanwhile, Sookie is hit with some bad news, and Violet schemes to get revenge on Jason.

Here's a recap of some other "Karma" events:

1) Sookie is Hep-V positive

Now, I had a hunch that when Bill's Hep-V started spreading quicker than normal, that his Hep-V was different than others. And who does he know that screams "different"? Better yet, whose blood did he drink a few episodes back? It all pretty much points to Sookie as the carrier. The episode revealed that Sookie was exposed to the virus the night Alcide died when she was splattered with Hep-V vampire blood. And poor Bill has to suffer the consequences.

2) Bill could drop dead any second

Bill seemed pretty frightened throughout the episode as his veins rapidly grew black from the virus. He made an appointment with a lawyer to give his property to his progeny Jessica. However, he was one of hundreds of vamps probably trying to do the same thing. As the clock ticked, the virus spread. When he finally met with the lawyer, who expressed extreme dislike for him because of his murder of the governor, she was not willing to help him. In order to give his property to Jessica, he would have to formally adopt her which could take from five months to a year - time he clearly does not have. Or, he could just pay $10 million to move to the front of the line. After failing to glamour her, he killed the lawyer and her assistant. Back to bad-ass Bill, huh?

3) Jessica and Sookie team up for Bill

Jessica was the one who overheard Bill's phone conversation with the lawyer, and knew she had to immediately tell Sookie. After Sookie learns she is Hep-V positive, I expected Jess to act with fury. But instead, she hugs Sookie, which kind of made my heart melt. What melted it even more is in the last scene when they're huddled up, tears on their faces, as Bill walks through the door.

4) Eric and Pam - the dynamic duo hunt Sarah Newlin

The episode opened with Eric and Pam being captured by the Yakonomo company's president, who wants to destroy Sarah Newlin since she, you know, created the whole Hep-V epidemic and put them out of business. Eric, as stubborn as he is, demands he is the one to kill Sarah to get revenge on her for killing his sister. Finally agreeing to let Eric do the killing, the group shows up at Sarah's sister Amber's house and are shocked to see that Amber is cured.

Amber was less than thrilled to see her estranged sister because she, like everyone else, blames Sarah for the monster that is Hep-V. Sarah says that she is no longer herself, that she is a "New Me," and goes on about how she is Buddha and was put on Earth for a reason - to create Hep V, but also to be the cure for it. It's then revealed that Sarah drank the last antidote amidst the chaos of vamp camp last season. Which means her blood is the cure to the virus - now there's a twist!

So naturally, Eric and Pam were stunned to see Amber 100 percent cured of Hep-V. Which means Sarah will most likely be sticking around a bit longer...

5) Violet seeks revenge on Jason and Jessica

Last episode, Jason was getting it on with Jessica, and he confronted his feelings that Violet was not the one he loved. Violet overheard Jason and Jessica shacking up, and decided to execute a revenge plan. Being as scary as she is, she acts like nothing happened and seduces Jason. But with that glimmer in her eyes, you know she's planning something else. When she catches Jason sneaking out at night, she goes psycho and leaves a note "breaking up" with Jason. Jason thinks he's seen the last of her, but he'll definitely be in for a shock.

6) Adilyn is in love with her future step-brother Wade

Key words are that they're "in love." After Andy walks in on Adilyn and Wade full on hooking up, he goes berserk. Because it's just wrong to be in love with your future step-brother. This puts a dent in Holly and Andy's relationship. After cooling off and deciding to talk to their kids, they find that they are missing. Holly gets it out of Rocky that they went to Fort Bellefleur.

Too bad Violet beat them there. Violet offers the naive teenagers a "safe" place. But only if they ditch their cell phones. Can't wait to see all the shades of evil Violet will pull on Adilyn, trying to clearly string revenge on Jess and Jason.

7) There's still hope for Tara

Not sure if anyone cares anymore, but Tara is still trying to communicate with Lettie Mae. This time, Lafayette and Lettie Mae went on a V trip together and both are convinced that Tara is trying to communicate with them. She led them to their old house, where she was digging up something. The "mystery" is to be continued!

8) Sam is given an ultimatum

Only in one 60-second scene the entire episode, Sam is given an ultimatum by Nicole. Nicole, realizing Bon Temps is a pretty bizarre place, tells Sam that she does not want to raise their daughter there and asks him to go away with her. Sam is incredibly torn, as he says Bon Temps is the only place he's ever felt safe. Guess we'll have to wait to find out his answer.

Next week's episode will explore Sarah as the cure - but will Eric let her live? Also, just how far will Violet go to get her revenge? Check out the trailer, and be sure to tune in to HBO next Sunday at 9 p.m.

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