TSA agent does not know District of Columbia is in U.S.

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Florida Transportation Security Administration agent needs a lesson in grade-school geography after he deemed that a District of Columbia driver’s license was from someplace outside the United States.

According to WFTV, reporter Justin Gray was stopped at an Orlando International Airport checkpoint on Saturday and produced his license for the TSA agent. But the agent did not believe the license was valid and asked the reporter for his passport.

Gray was dumbfounded as he was flying out of Orlando to Washington, D.C. and asked why he needed it. It was then that he realized the agent did not know where the District of Columbia was and that it was part of the U.S.

After finally getting through security, Gray took his case to a TSA manager and then tweeted about the agent’s embarrassing blunder.

The New York Daily News noted that agents are now going to receive geography refresher courses and that agents in Orlando specifically, will be shown copies of documents to determine which are real and which are not real.

Call it crazy, but shouldn't that training have happened before the agents were hired for airport security jobs?



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